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Stolen car driver 'in bottom 3pc for sense'

A YOUNG man who denied knowing that a car he was driving was stolen said he had less common sense than 97pc of the population.

James Roach (21) said he believed a "cock and bull story" that a teenage friend had bought the car when he was caught behind the wheel.

His lawyer produced a psychological report putting the accused in the bottom 3pc when it came to common sense.

A judge found him guilty and adjourned the case after hearing he was already under a suspended sentence.

Roach, of Ardmore Court, Tallaght, had pleaded not guilty to unauthorised taking of the car at Rathdown Avenue, Terenure on April 18.


Dublin District Court heard that gardai on patrol at 1.05am saw the car being driven erratically on Rathgar Road. They stopped it and spoke to the accused, who was driving.

The passenger in the vehicle was a minor who has been referred to juvenile liaison.

Roach said in evidence he was at home when he got a call from the other person in the car. The youth had said he had just bought the car and asked Roach to come and drive it home.

A psychologist's report said Roche's verbal reasoning was in the "0.3 percentile".

"97 out of 100 people appear to exhibit more common sense than Mr Roach," he said. "He was told a story that to you or I would be plain cock and bull."