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Steel worker caught with €7k worth of heroin in park

A YOUNG man caught with two bags of heroin in a public park after he was ordered to hold it for a drug dealer has avoided a jail sentence.

Paul Maher (21) was spending nearly €300 on cannabis each week and he was thousands of euro in debt to drug dealers.

He was caught with over €7,000 worth of heroin in a park in south Dublin.

Judge John Coughlan sentenced Maher to five months in prison but suspended it for two years.

Maher, of Tymon North Lawns in Tallaght, had admitted before Tallaght District Court to possession of heroin for sale or supply.

The incident took place at Thirty Acres, Greenhills Road, in Tallaght, on March 11, 2012.

Garda Stephen Coller said he was on mobile patrol in the Thirty Acres and Tymon Park area on Tallaght shortly after 11pm.

Garda Coller said Maher was standing at a footbridge and was acting suspiciously.


The garda searched Maher under the Misuse of Drugs Act. He had no drugs on him but the garda found a mobile phone and €540 in cash.

Garda Coller said he searched the ground nearby and found two bags of heroin.

The street value of the drugs was €7,394.

The matter was before the court for sentencing after a judge ordered a probation report.

Defence solicitor Michael Hennessy said that Maher's role was to mind the drugs and that he had no direct contact with it.

Mr Hennessy said that the defendant had a serious addiction to cannabis herb and was spending up to €300 a week on it.

The solicitor said Maher, an apprentice steel fabricator, had a drug debt in the thousands of euro but is no longer involved with drugs.

Judge Coughlan imposed a five-month suspended sentencing, warning Maher he will send him to jail if he comes before the court again during the period of suspension.