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Stay-at-home dad had 'taken Es and coke' on rare night out


Gary Hayes was fined €300 for public order offences

Gary Hayes was fined €300 for public order offences

Gary Hayes was fined €300 for public order offences

A stay-at-home dad who "overindulged" on a rare night out told gardai he had taken ecstasy and coke when they found him shouting obscenities outside a block of flats.

Gary Hayes (29) was arrested when he refused to calm down - and had no recollection of it later. Judge David Waters fined him €300 for public order offences.

Hayes, of Belcamp Green, Priorswood, Coolock, pleaded guilty to public drunkenness and threatening, abusive and insulting behaviour.

Dublin District Court heard the incident happened at Cromcastle Court, Kilmore, on September 14.

On arrival, gardai saw Hayes acting in a threatening way in the car park.

He was clearly under the influence of an intoxicant, said the prosecuting garda.

The court heard Hayes "said he had taken Es and coke" and was irate and would not calm down.


He continued to shout obscenities after being asked to stop by gardai, and was arrested and charged.

Hayes had later gone to the garda station to apologise and "ascertain what had happened," said his solicitor, Michael Hanahoe.

Hayes, who was on job seeker's allowance, looked after his children while his partner went out to work, Mr Hanahoe continued.

The accused did not go out much, but when he did he "seemed to overindulge".

Hayes had no recollection of what happened on the night and had not had a drink since then.

"It sounds like it was a bit more than drink," Judge Waters said of the night in question.

Mr Hanahoe said the accused was not addicted to anything, although he may have "indulged".