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Stabbing 'felt like water on my stomach'

A teenager has told a trial it felt like "water running down his stomach" when he was stabbed in the chest by his next-door neighbour at his 18th birthday party.

The alleged attacker is accused of stabbing or assaulting six people after he got into a row with the partygoers.

Brian Quinn (46) previously of Deer Park Avenue, Kiltipper in Tallaght, now living in Balbriggan, has pleaded not guilty at Dublin Circuit Criminal Court to intentionally or recklessly causing serious harm to James Toner Senior, Stephen Keogh and Lee Harte on October 9, 2011 at Deer Park Avenue.

He further pleaded not guilty to assault causing harm to Curtis Lennon, James Toner Junior and Robert Ryan. He also pleaded not guilty to the production of a knife.

Yesterday, the court heard that a scuffle broke out outside James Toner Junior's house in the early hours after a party for his 18th birthday.

Mr Toner told prosecuting counsel Paul Carroll BL that he became involved when he saw the accused hit Robert Ryan.

Mr Ryan retaliated with a headbutt, while Mr Toner Jr hit Mr Quinn in the face.

Mr Toner Jr then felt what seemed like a punch to the left side of his chest under his heart.

He did not see a knife in Quinn's hand, but said his body and clothes were covered in blood afterwards. He then saw Quinn drag Lee Harte into the house but said he didn't see him getting stabbed.

Mr Toner Jr said he saw Quinn's partner, Gabrielle Keegan, attacking Robert Ryan by jumping on top of him.

He said when he went to lift Robert up, Quinn jumped towards him and hit him and he felt a sharp pain going down his left leg.

"It was really, really warm, it felt just like a dead leg," he said.

Mr Toner Jr said he ran a short distance away and collapsed feeling like he couldn't breathe.

He said his father, James Toner Sr, was holding him up and telling him he would be alright when Quinn's wife walked towards them and screamed "This is what you get when you mess with us. Come on, we'll have yiz all."

The trial continues.