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Space diver faces road rage charge

His spectacular free fall from the edge of space may have won Felix Baumgartner a place in the record books, but the Austrian skydiver is now threatened with a fall from grace over a court case in which he stands accused of punching a Greek lorry driver in the face.

Lawyers representing the daredevil have been summoned to appear before judges at a court in Baumgartner's native Salzburg to defend their client against charges that he was involved in a violent rush-hour altercation in September 2010.

State prosecutors maintain that Baumgartner looked on as a car driver and the lorry driver became involved in an argument.

Baumgartner is alleged to have got out of his car and taken sides with the car driver.


A scuffle ensued and the sky diver is said to have punched the lorry driver, causing him bodily harm.

At an earlier hearing, judges convicted Baumgartner of the offence and fined him €1,500.

But he appealed and on Tuesday, judges will decide whether to order a retrial.