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Sound engineer was caught dealing ecstasy in bookies


Boylesports.com, Main Street, Gorey.

Boylesports.com, Main Street, Gorey.

Boylesports.com, Main Street, Gorey.

A SOUND engineer caught with ecstasy tablets at a bookmakers was involved in the supply of the recreational drug to a network of friends, a court heard.

Kevin Dewar (25) was arrested after gardai saw him in a suspicious transaction.

He was fined €300 at Dublin District Court.

Dewar, with a address at Ashtown, Roundwood, Co Wicklow, pleaded guilty to possession of drugs with intent to sell or supply at Boylesports, Parnell Street on March 29, 2014.

Garda Ross McGarry told the court he and a number of colleagues were on duty when they saw three men acting suspiciously. They followed them into Boylesports where they saw a suspected drugs transaction.

Garda McGarry stopped the accused, told him he was going to search him and asked him if he had any illegal drugs on him.

Dewar handed the garda a bag containing 49 Ecstasy tablets worth €250. He was co-operative and generally apologetic, the garda said.

Questioned by defence solicitor Aine Flynn, Garda McGarry said he accepted that the defendant was not involved in any serious way with the sale or supply of drugs and "had it mostly for himself and to share and distribute among a network of friends".

The garda said he had not seen the accused since.

The court heard Dewar had one previous conviction under the Theft Act for an offence involving another man's credit card.

Dewar had worked in hospitality in Cyprus, Crete and Lanzarote and was now studying sound engineering.

He was also working part-time in a fast food restaurant to support himself.

"He underestimated the seriousness of what he became involved in but he wasn't involved in any ongoing way," Ms Flynn said.

"He accepted responsibility when he was arrested and he was co-operative. He has hopes to travel in the future and recognises that he may have jeopardised that."