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Son sent text threats to mum after they fell out

A YOUNG man who left his mother terrified when he sent her text messages threatening to "get" her and her new boyfriend has been given a four-month suspended sentence.

Gary McNeill (24) texted his mother that he was "watching her and waiting for his chance", and that he would "smash her partner's face in".

He sent the messages after she took a barring order out against him when their relationship "fell on sour times".

McNeill, of Old Caragh Road, Naas, Co Kildare, had pleaded not guilty at Dublin District Court to breaching a barring order taken out by his mother Susan McNeill on April 14 to 21, 2011, and criminal damage to Paul O'Brien's jeep on April 25.

He was found guilty of breaching the order but cleared of the charge of trashing her boyfriend's car, thanks to a sworn alibi that centred on a child's Dora The Explorer video.

The court heard Ms McNeill was at home at St Brendan's Crescent, Walkinstown when the accused sent her "numerous texts" which put her in fear.


The garda told the court in one, on April 14, the accused stated: "I will get you back for what you have done, you will get what's coming to you".

On the same day, he texted her a threat against her new partner, stating "he would smash Paul's face in and make it look like he got a smack off a bus". On April 24, he sent a text saying: "You would want to be careful when you go out, I will be watching and waiting".

McNeill was found not guilty of the damage charge after the accused and his girlfriend both insisted they spent that day and night together in Naas and that they had bought a DVD for her daughter.

Judge Victor Blake asked them separately which video they had bought, to which each replied: "Dora".

On the other charge he sentenced the defendant to four months. "You only have one mother in this life and it's when she is gone that you will be sorry and regretful," Judge Blake told the accused.