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Son ran after ex-con father with machete

A DUBLIN man chased after his father with a machete after he drunkenly pushed his way into the family home and hit him over the head, a court heard.

Stephen Fogarty (30) had blood on his face and was holding a machete in the front garden of his mother’s house when gardai drove past.

He ignored their requests to stay in the garden, shouting he was “going to sort it out”.

A court heard Fogarty’s father had just been released from prison and he was pestering them to let him live with them.

Judge David McHugh sentenced Fogarty to two months in prison suspended for one year.

The defendant, of Weavers Court, Neilstown Road in Clondalkin, admitted before Blanchardstown District Court to possession of a weapon on February 27 last.

Garda Ciaran O’Neill said he was on mobile patrol at Deansrath Avenue in Clondalkin when he saw Fogarty standing in a front garden. He was agitated and holding a large machete.

Garda O’Neill said Fogarty had blood on his face. He ordered him not to leave the property.

The garda said Fogarty told him he was “going to sort it out”.


Garda O’Neill said a Nissan Micra, driven by the defendant’s father, passed the house. Fogarty, armed with the machete, ran out of the garden and chased the car as it fled the scene.

Garda O’Neill said Fogarty ran back to the house after his father left the scene and he was arrested.

Defence counsel said Fogarty’s father was recently released from prison after serving a long sentence. He started putting pressure on Fogarty and his mother to let him live with them. She said Fogarty is in Focus Ireland accommodation and his contract prohibits him from having house guests.

In relation to the incident, the court heard Fogarty’s father turned up at his mother’s house, and she told him he was not wanted. He was drunk, and started knocking and banging loudly on the front door.

The lawyer said Fogarty’s father got into the house, where he hit his son over the head.

The machete then fell from his jumper and Fogarty picked it up and chased his father out of the house.

The lawyer claimed Fogarty’s father was “taunting” them by driving up and down the road.

Judge McHugh imposed a two month suspended sentence and ordered the machete be destroyed, quipping “you couldn’t write it”.