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Son of 'accountant to the stars' quits €500k house left in gran's will


Ossie Kilkenny Snr handled finances for stars like Bono

Ossie Kilkenny Snr handled finances for stars like Bono

Ossie Kilkenny Snr handled finances for stars like Bono

The son of "accountant to the stars" Ossie Kilkenny has moved out of a €500,000 Dublin property, partly left to him in his grandmother's will, in the face of court proceedings to evict him.

Solicitor Michelle Collins had been seeking vacant possess- ion of 6 Balally Drive, Dundrum, on behalf of eight beneficiaries of the late Ann P Kilkenny's estate, including Osmond Kilkenny Jnr, one of her grandchildren.


His father, Ossie Kilkenny Snr, was originally named as one of the executors.

However, he was removed from that role by the High Court five years ago because of an "inordinate and inexcusable delay" in executing it, Judge John O'Connor was told at the Circuit Civil Court.

Instead, Ms Collins was app- ointed in 2015 as legal representative for Ms Kilkenny's estate.

She sought an injunction against Mr Kilkenny Jnr, ordering him to vacate the house, and she looked for an order for sale.

Ms Collins told the court that Mr Kilkenny Jnr had been bequeathed a one-eighth share of the property.

After Ms Kilkenny's death in April 2010, the eight beneficiaries agreed among themselves that the property would not be sold due to a slow property market.

They said Mr Kilkenny Jnr should act as a caretaker for the house.

It had been agreed that Mr Kilkenny Jnr would leave the house on request, making it available for viewings if necessary.

It was also agreed that if he failed to comply with the wishes of the other beneficiaries, he would have to pay rent.

On July 5, 2015, Mr Kilkenny Jnr admitted he was liable to pay rent, which had been ass- essed in 2016 at €1,760 a month and which he had neglected to pay for four years despite demands, Ms Collins said in an affidavit.

She said she had on many occasions requested that Mr Kilkenny Jnr quit the property.


The court heard that if Ms Collins, in her legal capacity, was granted possession of the house, the best course of action would be to sell it immediately.

Solicitor Brian O'Brien told Judge O'Connor that Ms Collins had achieved vacant possess- ion of No 6 Balally Drive on Thursday evening, and the applications before the court were being withdrawn.

Judge O'Connor struck out the injunctive proceedings.

Ossie Kilkenny Snr handled the finances of U2 for more than 20 years.


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