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Sister was abused as her mum lay dying

A MAN at the centre of a major garda cold-case review was convicted of threatening and abusive behaviour towards his sister in front of their dying mother.

Sex offender Noel Long (63), of Maulbaun, Passage West, Cork, was aggressive and used abusive language towards his sister, Julianne, while their 85-year-old mother lay dying in Cork University Hospital (CUH).

Judge David Riordan in Cork District Court dismissed a charge that Long had assaulted his sister at CUH on August 14, 2007.But he convicted Long of threatening and abusive behaviour.

Long was given a three- month suspended prison sentence. Julianne Moore said the incident occurred when Long ordered her out of their mother's room at CUH.

When the woman refused to go, she claimed Long became aggressive towards her.

"He was using extreme language and told me to get away from my mother."

She also claimed that Long -- who was their mother's carer -- had isolated the elderly woman from her family.

"He was cruel towards her. She had seven children and he stopped all of us from having anything to do with her."

She added that she hasn't spoke to her brother for 35 years. Long denied assaulting his sister and wept as he described his mother's death.

In 1981, Long was a prime suspect in the investigation into the death of Nora Sheehan (54).


The mother-of-three was discovered by forestry workers in Shippool Wood outside Cork city having been raped and then strangled with her dress.

Over 40 years ago, Long was convicted of indecently assaulting a woman. Four years later, he attempted to rape a young woman who he dragged into his car while she was out walking her dog. The attack was foiled by a passerby.

Long received a 12-month prison sentence. Long also has convictions for assault, traffic offences and burglary.