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Sister of slain man hurled abuse at gardai


Gardai are investigating the incident

Gardai are investigating the incident

Gardai are investigating the incident

THE SISTER of a murdered man hurled abuse at gardai in an "alcohol-fuelled" outburst as they investigated a row in a pub.

Philomena Deans (26) was upset after her uncle was allegedly assaulted at a gathering around the time of the fifth anniversary of her brother's killing.

Garda Robert Landers told the court he was called to a pub at 1.30am on January 31 last after a "physical altercation" took place.

Deans was intoxicated and acted aggressively towards gardai and other people.

It was around the fifth anniversary of the death of her brother, who was killed in 2010, her lawyer said.

She was "quite upset" at the time and her uncle had allegedly been assaulted by two people in the pub.

Her subsequent behaviour was an "alcohol-fuelled emotional outburst that went too far", her lawyer added.

Deans pleaded guilty to public intoxication and causing a breach of the peace at Gardiner Street. Judge Grainne O'Neill said she would dismiss the charges under the Probation Act if Deans made a €200 donation to charity.

The defendant - a mother-of-two of Greenwood Lawn, Ayrfield - is living in temporary accommodation.

She accepted she had behaved badly on the night.