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Shoplifting spree mother handed two months in jail

A MOTHER-of-two has been jailed for two months for her part in a shoplifting "spree" carried out for the profit of "very dangerous people".

Cathriona Joyce (27) was among four people who stole around €1,000 worth of goods from four shops.

Dublin District Court heard she did not want to spend Christmas in jail away from her children, but Judge Ann Watkin said she had no option because she had previous convictions for similar offences.

Joyce, with an address at Ridgewood Square, Swords, pleaded guilty to theft in four incidents on June 21 last.

Barrister Rory Staines she was not the "prime motivator" in the crime and "there may be people in the background who may have been profiting".

The court heard she had not given any names to gardai because she was "fearful of that".