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Shoplifter 'hoping to get lucky' stole 102 Lottery scratchcards


Tomas Jancevskis was fined a total of €400 for the thefts

Tomas Jancevskis was fined a total of €400 for the thefts

Tomas Jancevskis was fined a total of €400 for the thefts

A shoplifter who stole more than 100 Lottery scratchcards in a spate of thefts was "hoping to get lucky", a court has heard.

Down-on-his luck Tomas Jancevskis (31) was drunk and had no other explanation for why he stole three batches of scratchcards from supermarkets.

He ended up out of pocket when Judge Ann Ryan fined him a total of €400 at Dublin District Court.

Jancevskis, of no fixed address, pleaded guilty.

The court heard he went to Tesco on Fleet Street last March 10 and stole 70 scratchcards, worth €1 each. On March 19, he returned to the same store and took another 13 scratchcards.

None of the cards in these two thefts was recovered.

Jancevskis went to Tesco, Omni Centre, Santry, on April 2 and stole another 19 scratchcards.

He was stopped and these were recovered intact.


Jancevskis, from Lithuania, had been working on and off here for a number of years, his solicitor Kate McGhee said.

He hoped to return home soon and "sort himself out".

He was intoxicated at the time of all three thefts and he was "hoping to get lucky."

He could not explain his actions, except for his issues with alcohol.

He had no previous convictions.

Jancevskis had gone on a "spate of stealing" and there were injured parties who were at a loss, the judge said.

The accused also separately admitted obstructing a garda drug search.

While acting suspiciously in the city centre, he was stopped and put an item in his mouth and swallowed it.

Jancevskis did not swallow a drug but he accepted he was paranoid, drunk and obstructive.