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Shoplifter dyed her hair as disguise

A HAIRDRESSER who shoplifted groceries three times from the same store claimed she was the victim of mistaken identity, even though she had been captured on CCTV each time.

Christina Joyce (21) disguised her appearance by changing her hair colour, a court heard.


She had the case against her adjourned for a community service report after she was found guilty of three counts of theft at the north Dublin shop.

Joyce, of Marigold Park, Darndale, had denied shoplifting at Mace, Shantalla Road, Santry.

Her friend, Claire Cosgrave (21), of The Oaks, Clonshaugh Woods, had been alleged to have been an accomplice. Ms Cosgrave denied the charges, was found not guilty and had the case against her dismissed.

Garda David Crowley said the three thefts, worth €141 in total, happened on January 22, 23 and March 20 last year. He viewed CCTV footage and identified Joyce.

Asked in cross-examination if it was a case of mistake identity, Garda Crowley said: "I am satisfied it was Ms Joyce."

In a statement, he had said he observed the "suspect offender was wearing a disguise, namely long hair". Elaborating, he said Ms Joyce's hair had been brown on the first occasion, was blonde the next day and brown again the third time.

Judge Michael Walsh said he had no doubt whatsoever that Joyce was on the CCTV.


The court heard Joyce was working on a CE scheme as a hairdresser and had been told this would lead to a career.

At the time of the offences, she was not earning much, had difficulties at home and had moved out. She had now returned to the family home.

Joyce had nine previous convictions for offences, including theft.