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Shop worker 'just couldn't resist' stealing from till


Mohsin Shahzad repaid the money and avoided a jail term

Mohsin Shahzad repaid the money and avoided a jail term

Mohsin Shahzad repaid the money and avoided a jail term

A shop sales assistant who pocketed more than €1,800 from the till was caught stealing by a CCTV camera directly over his head, a court heard.

Mohsin Shahzad (38) had not been dealing with cash for long and "just couldn't resist" taking it, a court heard.

Judge Bryan Smyth applied the Probation Act, leaving him without a criminal record after he repaid the money to the shop.

Shahzad, from Pakistan and with an address at Abbeyfield, Milltown, Dublin 6, pleaded guilty to theft at Spar on Church Road, East Wall on four dates last year.

Garda Seamus Donoghue said Shahzad took €773 last November 10 and put it in his pocket.

On November 17, he took €150 from the till during his first hour of duty and did not complete the transaction. The next day, also on the first hour of his shift, he took €70 from the till.

On December 5, Shahzad stole a total of €880 from the till in the course of 26 transactions.


The court heard the customer would purchase something, hand cash to the accused and Shahzad would ring the item in as normal and open the till.

However, when the customer left, he would place the money in his pocket.

There was a CCTV camera directly over his head, Gda Donoghue said. Shahzad was arrested at his workplace and made full admissions.

Judge Smyth asked why the accused had committed the thefts.

"He just couldn't resist," his lawyer said.

The accused had only been working for a few months "on the tail end of dealing with cash" when he took the money.

He "put his hands up" to the charges and had "learned his lesson," his lawyer said.

The accused, a student, had been in Ireland for seven years and had no previous convictions. His wife was pregnant.

His lawyer asked the judge to give the accused "one last chance" and not impose criminal convictions.