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Shop manager is fined €500 for baton threat to garda

A SHOP manager who told a garda that he was "only a fresh-faced f**ker out of Templemore" has claimed he was grabbed by the throat by officers who threatened to "smash" his head in.

Thomas Barry (28) repeatedly cursed at gardai, said he wanted to take them on and told them to "stick your batons up your hole".

He denied he verbally abused gardai, saying he wasn't fighting and was only trying to stop his friend from going after another man, after his friend's younger brother received a punch in the nightclub.

The defendant, of Cushlawn Park, Tallaght, was found guilty before Tallaght District Court of public drunkenness and threatening and abusive behaviour.

Garda Michael McGrath said he was on mobile patrol near The Square car park on November 7 last when he saw two men in an altercation outside Blu Bar.

Gda McGrath said Barry was pushing and shoving the other male.

The garda spoke to Barry, who told him to "f**k off". He continued to push and shove at the other male, and was trying to stop him approaching the bouncers outside Renaissance nightclub.

Gda McGrath said he directed Barry to a taxi to go home but he was again told to "f**k off".

The garda said the defendant was very aggressive and said to him: "I'll take you on, you're only a fresh-faced f**ker out of Templemore".

The court heard that Barry was so aggressive that Gda McGrath was forced to draw his baton, at which stage Barry said "stick your baton up your hole".

Barry said all he wanted to do was go home, and he was trying to persuade his mate to get into the taxi with him.

The court heard that Barry has a young daughter, and his partner is due to give birth again in two weeks time. He works as a manager in a computer games shop.

Judge James McDonnell told the court Barry was clearly drunk. He found him guilty and fined him €500.