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Shamed Taylor retires with €110k lump and €37k pension


Former garda Dave Taylor. Photo: Collins

Former garda Dave Taylor. Photo: Collins

Former garda Dave Taylor. Photo: Collins

A disgraced garda superintendent who was heavily criticised by the Disclosures Tribunal for his role in a campaign to smear whistleblower Maurice McCabe will be entitled to a lump sum of around €110,000 after being allowed to retire.

Former garda press officer Dave Taylor ceased to be a member of An Garda Siochana as of midnight on Sunday after a retirement request was approved by Commissioner Drew Harris.

He will receive a full pension and will not face a disciplinary investigation over the tribunal's findings.

In addition to the lump sum, he will be entitled to an annual pension of around €37,000. It is understood the decision was made after legal advice.

It was thought the commissioner could refuse to approve the request, so allowing a disciplinary inquiry to get under way.


However, it is understood Mr Harris received advice that there was no legal basis to block the request as Mr Taylor had completed 30 years' service, which made him eligible for retirement on a full pension.

Last month, tribunal chair Mr Justice Peter Charleton found Mr Taylor aided former garda commissioner Martin Callinan in a campaign of false and defamatory statements against Sgt McCabe.

Two days after the judge's report was published, Mr Taylor was informed he was being suspended on the grounds that he had brought the organisation into disrepute.

The next day, he submitted a request for retirement.

In his report, Mr Justice Charleton found Mr Callinan went on "a frontal attack" against Sgt McCabe, falsely telling a TD he had sexually abused his own children.

Mr Callinan denied making the remarks and derogatory comments about Sgt McCabe, but the tribunal did not believe him.