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Sex ads were posted on website as 'a joke'

A woman has gone on trial accused of posting ads offering sex on a classifieds website on behalf of two unwitting people.

Aishling Madden (34) is accused of putting up posts on behalf of a man and woman on the Gumtree website offering various sexual acts and listing their phone numbers and addresses.

The woman told the court she received up to 20 calls from interested parties before the ad was taken down.

Madden, of Monastery Drive, Clondalkin, claimed to gardai that four people were in her house on the night the posts were made and they did it as a practical joke. However, she said she could not remember their names or addresses.


She has pleaded not guilty at Dublin Circuit Criminal Court to four counts of defamation against David Henry and Louise Vivace at her home between June 17 and 20, 2006. She also denied a further two counts of publishing material which was grossly offensive, indecent or obscene.

The court heard that Madden was working as a temporary receptionist for Accenture in May 2006. She came across Ms Vivace's CV on the work computer and decided to email it to herself as she thought it was a good example of a receptionist's CV. Ms Vivace's CV appeared alongside the sexual comments and her contact details on the Gumtree website.

One of the postings on Gumtree was titled "Horny Irish male takes all" and gave Mr Henry's phone number and work email. It said he was a "keen operator" who offered various sex acts and like to be called "captain caveman."


The other message was titled "Diva with a heart of gold" and gave the phone number and email of Ms Vivace. It offered a variety of sex acts.

It continued: "Snell Snell Snell, I also speak good German during adult playtime."

Ms Vivace said she started receiving calls concerning the ad and her daughter then found it online. She said she got 13 to 20 phone calls and five or six emails concerning it.

Mr Henry gave evidence that he had interviewed Ms Madden for temporary office jobs but she was not successful.

She said when he told her this she was "not best pleased" and hung up on him. He said he got two emails relating to the ad before he contacted the site and they took it down.

The trial, which is expected to last another two days, continues before Judge Pat McCartan.