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Sergeant appeals over sex allegations


Garda Sergeant Martin Woods

Garda Sergeant Martin Woods

Garda Sergeant Martin Woods

A GARDA sergeant was dumbfounded when he learned that a female colleague had made sexual assault allegations against him, an appeal court in Dublin has heard.

Sgt Martin Woods (50) was convicted at Dublin District Court last year and fined €2,000 in relation to two counts of sexually assaulting the young woman in 2010. Sgt Woods (inset) is seeking to have his conviction overturned.

His appeal was before Judge Sarah Berkeley at the Circuit Court in Dublin.

In evidence, the female officer said the first incident happened at a Dublin garda station when she had leaned over a desk. The woman alleged that the sergeant "pushed himself up against my behind, put his hands on my waist and started gyrating".

She said it lasted a few seconds and made her feel "dirty, vulnerable, unsafe".


She told State solicitor Domhnall Forde that the second incident happened when she had been reading a file. The woman alleged that Sergeant Woods walked towards her "and placed his hand on my left breast and said 'Wake up there'."

Inspector James Flood told the court that he investigated the complaints. When he questioned Sgt Woods, he rejected the allegations and said he had never touched the woman.

The appeal continues today.