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Security alert at court after boy tries to smuggle in knife

A JUDGE has called for tighter security at the Dublin Children's Court after hearing a youth felt it necessary to come to his case armed with a concealed knife.

Judge Clare Leonard called on the Garda Inspectorate to conduct a review of security at the courthouse, in Smithfield, Dublin, after a youth (now aged 18) admitted to possessing a knife there last June.

Garda Redmond O'Leary told Judge Leonard that the teenager had been arrested at the courthouse and was later searched.

"I found a kitchen knife with a four-inch blade," he said adding that the youth claimed he had it "for his own protection".

Sarah Molloy, defending, told the court that her client, who is in custody serving a sentence for other matters, had been the victim of a knife attack at the courthouse previously.

The judge was told that the accused had been "jumped" by another person who had been armed with a knife.

She said the youth had been advised by gardai that "a threat had been made against his life".

Judge Leonard said gardai needed to conduct a review of security at the court.

She applied the Probation Act, leaving the teenager without a conviction.