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'Screwdriver used on cars'

A YOUNG man armed with a screwdriver allegedly tried to pick the locks of two cars parked outside a church.

Craig Masterson (23) was allegedly spotted interfering with the cars, which were parked in Churchtown.

Judge James McDonnell adjourned the matter for four weeks at Tallaght District Court.

The defendant, of Sweetmount Avenue in Dundrum, was charged with criminal damage, as well as possession of a screwdriver for use to interfere with cars, outside the Church of the Good Shepherd, Oakdown Road, on September 10.

A TEENAGER caught bringing her ill mother to a doctor in an uninsured car had never driven before, a court heard.

Donna O'Brien (18) was charged with driving without a licence or insurance in the incident in west Dublin.

She was put on a peace bond for a year when she pleaded guilty to the offences at Dublin District Court.

The court heard the defendant, of Stonebridge Avenue, Hartstown, was stopped driving a Nissan Almera at 9.35pm on December 29 at Hartstown Shopping Centre.

She had no previous convictions.