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Savages who left brave Eva (90) with smashed ribs and punctured lung


Jamie O'Brien

Jamie O'Brien

Jamie O'Brien

These are the two burglars who tied up a 90-year-old woman and subjected her to a savage assault, which left her with a punctured lung and several broken bones.

Michael Cash (23) and Jamie O'Brien (22) have admitted they were responsible for the violent attack on Eva Sutton at her home in Bray, Co Wicklow, last year.

The serial offenders, who have over 120 previous convictions between them, pleaded guilty to falsely imprisoning the pensioner and seriously assaulting her, as well as burglary.

The horrific attack occurred on September 10, 2015, at the victim's home on Dublin Road, Bray.

In the 30-minute ordeal, Ms Sutton was tied up and beaten as the thugs ransacked her home.

The elderly victim suffered a punctured lung, broken ribs and a broken nose during the attack.


Michael Cash

Michael Cash

Michael Cash


Michael Cash, of Ashlawn Park, Ballybrack, Co Dublin, has over 90 previous convictions, including burglary and theft.

Jamie O'Brien, with an address in Hazelwood, Bray, has over 30 previous convictions.

They both pleaded guilty to the three charges at separate sittings of Wicklow Circuit Court last week, and both will be sentenced in March.

The two criminals were on bail for a string of burglary offences at the time of the vicious attack.

They smashed through the front door of Ms Sutton's home in the early hours, while she was asleep in a downstairs room.

Ms Sutton attempted to call for help by pressing a panic button attached to a necklace, but her attackers ripped the alarm from her neck.

They then tied up their frail victim before assaulting Ms Sutton and ransacking her home.

Local sources praised the investigation, which ensured that an enormous amount of evidence was gathered against both accused.


"Gardai investigating this case gathered a wealth of evidence, including forensics and CCTV footage, which gave the two thugs no other option but to plead guilty," a source said.

After being charged earlier this year, Jamie O'Brien's family home was attacked, in what sources said was "100pc" linked to the assault on Ms Sutton.

The house in Fassaroe, Bray, was set on fire, and graffiti was daubed on a side wall which read 'rat' and 'woman beater'.

In the aftermath of the ordeal, the victim's daughter, Amanda Sutton, described how it had left her mother "broken".

"Physically her injuries are improving, but the mental damage that has been done won't go away. She is a tough woman, but this attack has really got to her."