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Ryanair avoids ticket row injunction

RYANAIR has welcomed a judge's decision not to grant an injunction against it, after it agreed not to issue misleading information to passengers over the tickets sold by Ticket Generator Ltd at Dublin Airport.

The no-frills airline, which denied engaging in any unlawful activities, said the claims against it were "inaccurate" and insisted it "did not and would not interfere with Ticket Generator staff".

TGL had sought an injunction restraining Ryanair from allegedly intimidating agency staff selling rail tickets for London at the airport's Terminal One. However, Mr Justice John MacMenamin said such an order was unnecessary.

He said if TGL won its case against the airline it would have adequate remedy in damages.

He said his refusal to grant the injunction was conditional on the airline giving undertakings not to hand out misleading information relating to the tickets sold by TGL at its kiosk.

The judge criticised Ryanair for providing affidavits full of "hype", "propaganda" and "advertising".