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Rotunda settles €5.5m claim for brain injury boy

AN 11-year-old boy left brain damaged allegedly because of the circumstances of his birth has settled his action for damages for €5.5m.

Cian Brady, Joyce Road, Lusk, Co Dublin, had sued the Rotunda Hospital in Dublin through his mother Michelle Brady.

The settlement at the High Court is without admission of liability.

It was claimed that on March 27, 2000, Mrs Brady was admitted to the hospital with elevated blood pressure.

She was transferred to the labour ward a few days later.


On April 1, Cian was born by caesarean section but it is claimed as a direct result of mismanagement both during labour and after the birth he suffered severe injuries.

It was claimed that the hospital was negligent in failing to exercise any reasonable care for the boy and failing to have available a pre-warmed incubator. It was claimed the baby was placed in his mother's bed when he should have been placed in an incubator.

Cian, it is claimed, can never lead a normal life and is suffering from asymmetrical quadriplegic cerebral palsy. His lower limbs are less affected and he has a vocabulary of about 10 words. He is also short sighted and suffers from epilepsy.

Denis McCullough, for the Bradys, said liability and causation were an issue in the case. The defendant, he said, contended an unknown event occurred five days before labour, causing the brain damage.

Outside the court, Mrs Brady said: "Cian is a lovely boy who is not aware of what was going on here. He is a happy boy and he is going to be happier after this settlement."

In a second settlement involving the Rotunda, the court approved a €1m interim payment to a child with severe brain injuries allegedly caused by the mismanagement of her mother's pregnancy. The action, which was settled without admission of liability, was brought on behalf of Saibhe O'Connor, Croftwood Green, Ballyfermot, who the court heard suffered severe physical and developmental problems.