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Road rage victim drank 10 pints then tailgated his attacker

THE man who was fatally injured in a road rage attack had drunk 10 pints before driving and was "tailgating" the man convicted of his death, a court has heard.

Karl Donohoe (31), of Boulevard, Bealing Village, Tyrellstown, and formerly of Fisherman's Wharf, Ringsend, pleaded guilty to the manslaughter of British man Raymond Bates during a road rage incident in 2010.

The court heard he attacked Mr Bates with a hurley, while Donohoe's 18-month-old child sat in the back of his car.

Donohoe is due to be sentenced later this week.

The Central Criminal Court heard Mr Bates (49), a construction worker and married father-of-three from County Durham in England, had met some friends in a nearby pub.


CCTV footage showed the victim had been there six hours and consumed nine or 10 pints of Guinness before driving his Pajero. He tailgated Donohoe's Toyota Rav 4 in which he was carrying a passenger and his 18-month-old child at the time.

The court heard an argument occurred after Donohoe was at a traffic lights when Mr Bates started to tailgate him up the road because he did not move away quickly enough.

The first argument was verbal but there was a second encounter after Mr Bates went ahead of Donohoe's vehicle and mounted a traffic island.

Donohoe took a hurley stick from his vehicle and began hitting Mr Bates' car.

One witness said she heard a man with an English accent saying: "Don't be braking like a f****** fa**y, just drive your f****** car".

Other witnesses said Donohoe was shouting and had a "long stick" in his hand -- because they were foreign nationals they did not know what a hurley stick was.

They said while holding the stick in his two hands, Donohoe struck Mr Bates on the head and he fell down. They said he hit him continuously while he was on the ground. However Donohoe maintained he only hit Mr Bates once on the head.

Another witness said they saw him hitting Mr Bates on the head with full force on the left temple and saw him hit him two or three times while on the ground. Another witness said they heard a man with a Dublin accent saying "I'm going to f****** kill you".

Donohoe later told gardai: "I hope he f****** dies, he got what he deserved".

He said that he "could have annihilated Mr Bates but he didn't" adding "he got away lightly". He denied hitting him on the ground and said his vehicle was boxed in.

Donohoe had pleaded not guilty to murder but guilty to the manslaughter at the Central Criminal Court on February 20. This plea was acceptable to the prosecution.

Mr Bates went home after the incident and was ill during the night, the court heard.


He went to St Vincent's Hospital and it took some time until it was discovered that Mr Bates was a mild haemopheliac. He was later transferred to Beaumont Hospital where he was pronounced dead four days after the incident.

Mr Bates' widow Brenda said in a victim impact statement that the pain of losing her husband of 29 years was indescribable and had completely devastated the family.