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Reveller was punched 'for making fun of armband'

THIS is the attacker who punched a young man outside a chipper after an argument about a pink armband he was wearing.

John Dunne (23) left victim Clint Kelly unconscious and lying in a pool of blood in the roadside attack.

Dunne denied the charge, claiming Mr Kelly punched him in the chest, and he defended himself as he feared being jumped upon as the victim was with a large group of friends.

He also alleged Mr Kelly was pointing and laughing at an armband he was wearing, and tried to pull it off his arm while they were in the chipper.

Mr Kelly said he was wearing a black anti-racism band on his wrist, and when he saw Dunne's pink armband he went into the chipper to ask him about its significance.

Judge John O'Neill found Dunne had assaulted Mr Kelly during the early hours of April 10, 2010, but said he would consider leaving him without a conviction if compensation was paid to the victim.

The defendant, of Leyland Avenue in Clondalkin, denied seriously assaulting Mr Kelly on Monastery Road in Clondalkin.

Mr Kelly said he went into Macari's chipper to ask Dunne about his pink armband, but before he could say anything the defendant pushed him, shouting "you ran in here like some hero".

He claimed he held up his hands in a conciliatory fashion, and explained he just wanted to ask about his armband, but Dunne said "you came in here looking for a fight".

Mr Kelly said his friend Paul O'Brien intervened and led him out of the chipper. The next thing he remembered, he said, was lying on the ground.

He said he suffered a large gash at the back of the head and a swollen jaw, and was taken by ambulance to Tallaght Hospital for treatment.

Jenny McGill, a friend of Mr Kelly who was sitting outside the chipper, said she saw Dunne punch Mr Kelly over Mr O'Brien's shoulder.


Ms McGill said she could hear the sound of the punch, and Mr Kelly landed out cold on the ground.

Dunne claimed Mr Kelly was fascinated with his armband, which he denied was pink, and tried to pull it off him.

He said he told him to go away, but Mr Kelly taunted him, calling him a "D4 American".

Dunne said he was leaving the chipper behind Mr Kelly and Mr O'Brien, who was between them, when he felt a thump on his chest. He swung out in self-defence and hit Mr Kelly.

Judge O'Neill said the incident arose from "such a stupid situation".

He adjourned sentencing for two weeks to allow Dunne offer compensation to the victim.