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Reveller stole wine from van

A CHRISTMAS reveller was among a group of men who snatched bottles of wine from the back of a delivery van in the city centre, a court has heard.

Joe Doyle (26) was found in possession of the wine when gardai on duty nearby saw what happened and confronted those involved.

Doyle, a student of Corbawn Grove, Shankill admitted a charge of handling stolen property in the incident on December 10. Judge Denis McLoughlin told him to pay €150 to charity to avoid a conviction.

Judge McLoughlin asked the accused what had happened.

"I was a bit foolish and had too much to drink," he replied.

The Dublin District Court heard he had just finished electrical engineering in college and was looking for a job.

The judge asked what attitude prospective employers might take if he had a criminal conviction.

"I don't think it would work in my favour," Doyle replied.