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Reveller is accused of bid to foil pal's arrest

A PARTY-GOER interfered in the arrest of a friend at a city pub because the man had just been stabbed in the back and he was concerned that the officers were being "rough" with him, a court heard.

Darren Murray (25) got between one of the arresting gardai, shouted at them and kicked a patrol car after they were forced to pepper spray his stabbed friend.

Before they left, Murray grabbed a pair of handcuffs that had been dropped on the ground and gave them to a woman to put in her handbag.

Murray, with an address at St Jarlath's Road, Cabra, was found guilty of causing a breach of the peace in the incident at North King Street on June 12, 2010.

A charge of stealing the handcuffs was adjourned for legal argument.

Dublin District Court heard the incident began when one of the men in the accused's company was refused entry to the Delaney's bar following a 21st birthday party.

In the disturbance that followed, Stephen McCarthy, who was not before the court, was arrested. Mr McCarthy had suffered a slight stab wound previously.


Gardai said they did not recall this being brought to their attention as they were arresting him. They eventually had to pepper spray Mr McCarthy.

They said the defendant was shouting: "this is f***ing out of order, this is a f***ing disgrace".

The handcuffs fell out of the patrol car as a garda was restraining Mr McCarthy and the defendant picked them up and gave them to a friend of his sister, who was standing nearby, the court was told.

Murray told the court he only intervened to tell the gardai Mr McCarthy had suffered a stab wound earlier in the night, but the officers were being rough with him and "weren't listening".

He said he was also trying to calm the man down.

The accused maintained he picked the handcuffs up on the spur of the moment and did not know why he did it.

Judge Watkin said she believed the defendant had done this to "thwart" the gardai.

She said it was to interfere in the arrest rather than for personal gain and asked for legal submissions before deciding on the charge.

The case was adjourned for a month.