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Reveller died after falling off limo bonnet

A MAN who died after being dragged along under a moving limousine had jumped up on to the bonnet of the car seconds before the accident, a court has heard.

Dara O'Sullivan (22) was sitting in the driver's seat of the parked car when Liam Stafford (28), on the way home from a night out, climbed on top of it.

Dublin Circuit Criminal Court heard evidence that somebody inside the car then said "floor it" and the car drove off and Mr Stafford slipped under it.

O'Sullivan, of Clonard Road, Sandyford, Dublin, has pleaded not guilty to dangerous driving causing the death of Mr Stafford at Clonard Lawns on November 8, 2009.

Andrew Nolan told Fiona McGowan, prosecuting, that he and Mr Stafford and another friend James Clarke were coming back from a night out and were giddy.

He said Mr Stafford and Mr Clarke were skipping along ahead of him, arm in arm, when Mr Clarke broke away and climbed up on the parked limousine. He said Mr Clarke then climbed on the roof and Mr Stafford followed him.


He said Mr Stafford was up on the bonnet when the car "tore off". He said Mr Stafford was holding on until he couldn't hold on any longer.

He then slipped under the car and the car drove over him.

Sean Murphy told the court that he was in the car with the accused and two others when they saw three men walking towards the car.

He said someone said lock the doors. When the passengers thought the three men were getting on to the car, someone said "floor it".

He said: "Within a couple of seconds the car took off." He said that after this Mr O'Sullivan kept saying: "F***, oh f***, I panicked".

Robert Redmond, another passenger in the car, told the court that there was a atmosphere of fear in the car when the men jumped up on it.

Mr Clarke said he wouldn't have jumped up on the car if he had known there were people in it because the people could have felt threatened.

He said: "Bill mightn't have gotten up on the bonnet if I didn't but he wouldn't have fallen off if it hadn't taken off at speed." The trial continues.