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Retrial man accused of raping his granny

THE Supreme Court has cleared the way for the English courts to retry a man on a charge of raping his grandmother.

The man, a UK national in his 40s, was previously acquitted of the charge.

He was arrested here by gardai some years ago and later consented to his extradition to England where he was wanted on a separate charge arising from the rape of a teenage girl in 2002. He pleaded guilty to that offence and was sentenced in England.


He was previously acquitted in the 1980s of raping his maternal grandmother but, after forensic material was re-examined, the UK prosecuting authorities applied to have the acquittal quashed and a retrial ordered.

However, the English court was unwilling to order a retrial unless and until the High Court here consented to his prosecution in England's jurisdiction. The High Court granted the consent.