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Raving drunk who hit doctor is 'an absolute brat', says judge


Martin Lesley

Martin Lesley

Martin Lesley

A "raving alcoholic" who blacked out after he arrived home drunk from a family funeral abroad assaulted a doctor and obstructed a nurse and security guard when he woke up in a hospital.

Martin Lesley (50) was described by a judge as an "absolute brat" as he imposed a five-month suspended sentence.

Judge John Coughlan warned Lesley that if he even spat on the footpath within the next five months he would serve the suspended sentence.

He was also ordered to hand over €500 for charity.

Lesley, of Loughboy, Mell, Drogheda, pleaded guilty before Drogheda District Court to one count of assault and two counts of obstruction.

The incident happened in the emergency department at Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital, Drogheda, on May 25, last year.

The court heard that Lesley had 21 previous convictions, including two for assault.


Defence solicitor Dermot Monahan said his client was drunk as he had just returned from a funeral in Germany.

"He had a blackout and woke up in the emergency department at the hospital," he said.

"He had an issue with the doctor, a nurse and security guard."

Mr Monahan said Lesley was a "raving alcoholic" who was attending meetings and making efforts to deal with his problem.

"I have given him a mantra to say to friends who invite him for drinks to tell them 'I am a raving alcoholic'," Mr Monahan told Judge Coughlan.

Imposing a five-month suspended sentence, the judge warned Lesley: "If you spit on the footpath in the next five months, you will serve the five months.

"You are an absolute brat. I am hoping you spit on the footpath as it will give me great pleasure to give you five months in prison," he added.