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Punch boy (16) gives up drink

A 16-YEAR-OLD boy told a court he had given up drinking after a vodka binge led to him punching a garda.

The teenager was put on 12 months probation at Dublin Children's Court after admitting breach of the peace and assaulting the garda.

Judge Donal Gibbons said drink "is an inert substance, it does not do any harm -- it is when it is mixed with humans".

Garda Dermot Browne was hit when he broke up a fight between up to 15 youths outside a shop. The boy had quit drinking, his solicitor said.

Smallpox jabs linked to Aids

Ending smallpox vaccination may have contributed to the spread of HIV/Aids, scientists said.

The claim follows laboratory studies showing the vaccine's powerful ability to curb the Aids virus.

It may have offered protection to people in the early days of the HIV epidemic, the findings suggest.