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Publican punched in face after he told man he was barred


Mark Sheehan was jailed for nine months for assault

Mark Sheehan was jailed for nine months for assault

Mark Sheehan was jailed for nine months for assault

A publican was punched in the face after he told two friends that they were barred from his pub.

Mark Sheehan (26) claimed he came to his friend Thomas McGee's aid after publican Joe Sherman pushed him.

Sheehan also claimed Mr Sherman kicked him in the groin and left him with "severe bruising to the genitals".

Mr Sherman said he was called "a fat f**k" and McGee, also 26, threatened to "come back and burn the place down".

Judge Dermot Dempsey handed Sheehan a nine-month sentence and ordered McGee to complete community service.

Sheehan, of Dun Emer Green in Lusk, was found guilty of seriously assaulting Joe Sherman at The Strand Bar in Rush.

McGee, of St Catherine's Park in Rush, was found guilty of a breach of the peace and failing to comply with directions.

Mr Sherman said he was working around 10pm on August 31, 2014, when he saw McGee at the doorway.

He said he told McGee that he was barred.

Mr Sherman said Sheehan then started throwing shapes and told him "you're only a fat f**k".

He said Sheehan lunged at him with a "karate-type kick", before punching him in the face.


Mr Sherman said Sheehan gave him "a good clatter" and his nose started bleeding.

He went into the bathroom and cleaned away the blood.

He came back out and McGee, a fisherman, was at the door, threatening to "come back and burn the pub down".

Mr Sherman denied he threw McGee out of the pub or kicked Sheehan in the groin.

He said Sheehan fell over after punching him and he saw McGee kick and punch a bus stop pole after the incident.

Garda Vinnie Turley said he saw the two men argue and fall on top of each other as they walked up Rush Main Street.

He said Sheehan was holding his genital area and calling McGee a "f**king eejit".

In evidence, Sheehan claimed Mr Sherman punched him and kicked him in the groin.

He claimed he only threw one punch and missed Mr Sherman.

He said there was no medical evidence of a groin injury because he was "embarrassed to get his genitals out to a nurse".

McGee claimed Mr Sherman pushed him to the ground, Sheehan defended him and was "beaten to a pulp".

The men denied they had "concocted their story up".