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Pub brawler spat in garda's face

THIS is the reveller who twice spat at gardai after they were called to a brawl outside a Dublin pub.

Patrick Lynch (38) also put his feet through the back window of a patrol car.

A court heard that officers were forced to use pepper spray and an asp baton to subdue and arrest Lynch.

Judge David McHugh adjourned sentencing for three weeks.

The defendant, of Nutgrove Crescent in Rathfarnham, admitted before Blanchardstown District Court two counts of assaulting Garda Richard Finan and Garda Ciara Scully.

He also admitted threatening and abusive behaviour and damaging the rear window of a patrol car during the same incident at the White House, North Road in Finglas on October 18.


Gda Finan was on mobile patrol when he was called to a large-scale public order incident outside the White House pub.

Gda Finan said he saw two men fighting outside. When he went over to them, Lynch swung a punch at him and spat in his face.

The garda was forced to use his baton and pepper spray to subdue Lynch, and placed him in the back of a patrol car.

The court heard that Lynch lay down on the back seat, lifted up his feet and put them through the back window, smashing the glass.

Lynch was taken out of the patrol car, and again spat in Gda Finan's face. He also spat at Gda Scully.

He was then placed on the ground while officers waited for the patrol van to arrive.

Defence solicitor Orla Farrell asked for the matter to be adjourned.