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'Psycho Joe showed us where he beat Rachel to death', says her dad


Rose and Jim Callaly

Rose and Jim Callaly

Rose and Jim Callaly

The father of murdered Rachel Callaly has branded her killer husband Joe O'Reilly a "psychopath" and revealed O'Reilly invited them to the murder scene and re-enacted it "blow by blow".

Jim Callaly - speaking after it emerged that O'Reilly was seeking the permission of the Supreme Court to appeal an unsuccessful attempt to have his conviction declared a miscarriage of justice - said he thought O'Reilly would never get out of prison.

He described how O'Reilly's eyes were "dancing in his head" as he showed him and his wife "blood stains" and the gruesome aftermath of their daughter's murder.

"He keeps trying all these legal ways to get out, and we find that very frustrating, but in the end we think he's wasting his time and will never get out because he's a psychopath in our eyes," he told the Herald.

Joe O'Reilly was sentenced to life in July 2007 for the murder of his wife at their home in the Naul in north Co Dublin on October 4, 2004.

He has since lost an appeal against his conviction. Last year an application to have his conviction declared a miscarriage of justice was dismissed as an "abuse of process" by the Court of Appeal.

But his lawyers returned to the Court of Appeal this month to seek legal aid for a Supreme Court action.

Mr Justice George Birmingham said three judges would have to convene to deal with the matter, which is now listed for July 23.

"It's a perpetual thing with him. I thought his last appeal was the last roll of the dice for him, but it seems not," saidMr Callaly.


"If he's legally entitled to it we can't stand in the way, but I think it is a waste of time and taxpayers' money.

"I've witnessed him being a psychopath, and for that reason I can't see him getting out.

"When Joe got the keys of the house back after the murder he rang me and (my wife) Rose and told us had a sense of peace after he went back into the house, and he asked if we would come around because it might help us too," he said.

"I wasn't keen on the idea, and Rose certainly didn't want to - because it was her who had discovered Rachel's body there - but at that stage we didn't know Joe had killed her, so we went anyway.

"When we arrived he was saying 'Come on and I'll show you how this happened' and he brought us to the bedroom and he was literally going through it blow by blow.

"The eyes were dancing in his head. I couldn't believe he was talking about his wife this way.

"He was telling us to look at blood stains on the wall and everything. I felt sick. I had to leave the house," said Mr Callaly.

"But he knew at the time exactly how it happened, and he was telling us what the gardai thought had happened. He's a cunning ba***rd.

"He was down on his knees going through the attack. Now he's clutching at straws trying to get out of jail. But he'll be there a long time yet."

Jim added that O'Reilly has never once shown he regretted murdering his wife.

"He has never shown remorse," he said. "People ask us do we forgive him, but he hasn't even admitted to killing Rachel yet."


After the murder, O'Reilly claimed Rachel had been killed in a botched burglary - and he even invited the media into the house to show where he said he thought the crime had taken place.

He left items from the house strewn on the roadside in an effort to convince gardai that it was a burglar who had killed his wife.

In her book Remembering Rachel, her mother Rose described the moment she discovered her daughter's body in the married couple's bedroom.

"Rachel was lying in such a horrific state that I will not attempt to describe the scene, but the image of it will haunt me until my dying day," she wrote.