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Prisoner's wife 'forced' to smuggle cannabis into jail

A MOTHER-OF-TWO caught smuggling drugs into a prison agreed to the crime because her inmate husband had come under "significant threat" from other prisoners, a court heard.

Wendy Ward (30) was pressured into bringing cannabis into Wheatfield Prison.

She was stopped by security and handed it over, and more drugs were later found at her home. Ward, of Hampton Square, Navan Road, Dublin 7, pleaded guilty at Blanchardstown District Court to placing cannabis in a prison with the intent of it coming into the possession of a prisoner on August 27 last. She also admitted possession of cannabis and diazepam at her home.

The total value of the drugs seized was €297 -- €200 of diazepam and €97 of cannabis.

The court heard the defendant's husband was serving a two-and-a-half year sentence in Wheatfield and was "under significant pressure and threat from other parties in the prison to have cannabis delivered".

"She is very nervous to be in court in such a situation," her solicitor said.

Judge John Lindsay struck the charge out after Ward made a €200 donation to Friends of the Elderly.