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Prison officer awarded €14k after buying uninsurable 4x4 from Blanchardstown car dealer


Kenneth Uduehi of Lusk, Co Dublin

Kenneth Uduehi of Lusk, Co Dublin

Kenneth Uduehi of Lusk, Co Dublin

A prison officer who bought a €14,000 Volkswagen Touareg from a Blanchardstown car dealer found he could not insure it because it had been changed from commercial status, a court heard today.

Kenneth Uduehi of Orlynn Park, Lusk, Co Dublin, told Judge Jacqueline Linnane in the Circuit Civil court that in Feburary last year he had bought the Touareg as a passenger vehicle for his wife and children from Car Quick Service, in Blanchardstown Corporate Park.

Barrister David McParland said that when Mr Uduehi tried to put the 4x4 legally on the road no insurance company would have anything to do with it because they told him it had been a commercial vehicle that had been modified to passenger carrying.

Mr McParland told the court Mr Uduehi had seen the Touareg 08 C 1404 advertised as a five-seat passenger vehicle on DoneDeal.ie and had bought it for €14,000 from  Andrzej Jeziorowski who runs Car Quick Service in Blanchardstown Corporate Park 2 in Blanchardstown.

“When I mentioned the registration number insurance companies told me it was not a passenger vehicle and they wouldn’t insure it,” Mr Uduehi said. “Mr Jeziorowski agreed to repay me my €14,000 when he got the log book back but since giving it to him I have not seen any of my money.”

Mr Uduehi, a Nigerian national who is now an Irish citizen, said that when he told Jeziorowski he was going to see his solicitor Tim Shannon in Swords Jeziorowski said: “Go to court if you like.  I will tell the judge I can only afford to repay you €10 a week.”

Mr McParland said there was an express term of agreement that the vehicle would be fit for purpose which it was not.  He said there had been no appearance in court today by Mr Jeziorowski.

Mr Uduehi said the vehicle had been registered in his name and after returning it to Jeziorowski the Touareg had remained in his name for six months but had obviously since been sold on by Jeziorowski.

Judge Linnane granted Mr Uduehi judgment for €14,000 and costs against Mr Jeziorowski.