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Pregnant shoplifter hid €100 of clothes in a child's buggy


Shoplifter Courtney McDonagh is due to give birth in January

Shoplifter Courtney McDonagh is due to give birth in January

Shoplifter Courtney McDonagh is due to give birth in January

A pregnant woman who shoplifted clothing she had concealed in a child's buggy has been battling an addiction to Valium, a court has heard.

Courtney McDonagh (26) escaped from shop security staff after a male friend blocked them and she ran away.

Judge Anne Watkin ordered a probation report and adjourned sentencing to a date next March.

The defendant, of Ryecroft, Church Road, Bray, admitted at Dun Laoghaire District Court to stealing clothing worth €100 from Penneys in Dun Laoghaire on November 3 last year.

Sergeant Peadar McCann said McDonagh picked up a number of items of clothing and hid them in a baby's pram before leaving the store.

Sgt McCann said the defendant was stopped and challenged by security staff, but a male friend barred their way, allowing McDonagh to escape.


He added that some of the goods were recovered at the scene of the robbery.

McDonagh was seen on CCTV cameras about an hour later involved in an altercation, and gardai then recovered the rest of the clothing, Sgt McCann said.

The court heard McDonagh has two previous convictions, both for similar offences.

Defence solicitor Ronnie Lynam told the court she has been addicted to Valium for the best part of the last five years.

Mr Lynam said she has never really managed to confront her addiction issues, but she did stop using the drug in August after she found out she was pregnant.

The solicitor said McDonagh, who had been living in homeless accommodation, is due to have a baby in January.

Judge Watkin questioned the link between shoplifting and an addiction to Valium.

Mr Lynam said McDonagh was willing to work with the Probation Service and to provide clean urine samples.