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Pit bull owner told garda he had 'a licence to kill'


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A dog owner told a garda that he had "a licence, a licence to kill" after the officer requested to see his licence for his pit bull.

Keith Hammond (22) used the dog, which was very aggressive, to keep the garda at a distance.

The defendant, of Bath Road, Balbriggan, was found guilty before Swords District Court of not having a dog licence and having a pit bull in public without a muzzle.

Judge Gerard Jones convicted Hammond and fined him €400.

Hammond did not appear in court and was found guilty in his absence.

The incident took place at Drogheda Street, Balbriggan, last April 9.

Gda Stephen Hughes said he was on mobile patrol when he came across Hammond, who was walking a brown pit bull on a lead.

Gda Hughes said Hammond threatened him with the dog, which was very aggressive and was without a muzzle.


The pit bull also had no identification marks, the court heard.

Gda Hughes said he asked Hammond for his dog licence, which he is obliged to have, and the defendant claimed he did have a licence - "a licence to kill".

Hammond also told Gda Hughes: "I'll show your licence to your MOT."

The officer said he was aware Hammond was breeding these dogs.

Gda Hughes said Hammond kept the pit bull in front of him at all times, keeping the garda at a distance.

Under cross-examination by defence solicitor Fiona D'Arcy, Gda Hughes accepted that he has not come across Hammond with the dog since this incident.

Judge Jones convicted Hammond, saying Gda Hughes did "a great job confronting" the defendant, adding: "How dare he turn a dog on you."

The judge also said Hammond should not have been walking a pit bull in public without a muzzle.