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Pimp denies bomb hoax call to gardai

A CONVICTED Ranelagh pimp allegedly phoned a hoax bomb threat to a Dublin city garda station.

Up to 20 gardai were forced to evacuate Harcourt Terrace Garda Station after a false report of a bomb in the building was made.

It was alleged that a series of reports were made to the garda control centre between 4.30am and 4.50am on August 15, 2009, claiming that there was a bomb at the station.


Convicted brothel owner Aidan Dorney (39) from Chelmsford Road, Ranelagh, denied the charge when he appeared in front of Dublin District Court a fortnight ago.

The judge accepted jurisdiction in the District Court.

Dorney was jailed for running three separate brothels in Cork, Limerick and Galway last week.

He was also jailed for permitting two properties in Galway and Dublin to be used as brothels and assisting in the management of two further brothels in Dublin.

He had rented out apartments used by prostitutes, had set up 61 websites offering escort services, as well as three companies.

Judge Katherine Delahunt imposed consecutive sentences totalling five years, with the final 18 months suspended.

She imposed a €1,000 fine for an advertising offence and ordered that €5,000 from the sale of Dorney's family home be paid over to the charity Ruhama within one year.

Dorney was arrested after gardai caught him taking an envelope full of money from a call-girl.

They found handwritten timesheets for the brothels which used a system of symbols including a triangle, a square and a circle for the type and duration of services offered.

Gardai who searched his home found a DVD with pictures of women in various stages of undress and linked those to pictures on the websites.

Gardai also discovered that Dorney was renting an apartment, used as a call centre in the Donnybrook area, which had 19 phones and appointments were set up for clients at the brothels.

Dorney is well-known to gardai and has been described as a serial house burglar.

In 2003, he hit the headlines after he was caught hiding in former Taoiseach Albert Reynolds's Merrion Road garden after a house burglary.


The thief, who was also convicted of pretending to be a private detective, broke down and cried after he was sentenced in Dublin's Circuit Criminal Court.

In a previous interview, Dorney claimed that prostitution was a victimless crime.

"It's legal in a lot of countries, it's pretty much tolerated over here -- apart from brothels," he said.