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Pill-taking pals can't remember hiding in pub

A PAIR of friends who were found hiding behind a pool table in a university campus pub had taken a lot of pills and could not remember what they were doing there, a court heard.

John Bewley (41) and Paul Cummins (27) broke into the old bar at Dublin City University but were disturbed by security staff who saw them on CCTV.

A judge sentenced both men to six months in prison, but suspended it for two years.

The pair, both of Marewood Crescent in Ballymun, admitted before Blanchardstown District Court to burglary. The incident took place at the Old Bar, Dublin City University on May 23.

Garda Sergeant Damien Galligan said the men broke into the bar and hid behind a pool table.

They were disturbed by security staff. The men were found with a laptop bag containing socks and a drill, but nothing was taken. The court heard that Cummins had nine previous convictions, including convictions for theft and forgery.

Bewley had 10 previous convictions but hadn't been in trouble for nearly 15 years.

Defence solicitor Kerry O'Connor said the pair, who were both recovering heroin addicts, had taken a number of pills and don't really remember what happened. She said Cummins was willing to do anything to avoid going to jail.

Ms O'Connor said Bewley was an unemployed married man with three children.