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Pervert who was caught with 268 images of child sex abuse

A man who was handed a two and half year suspended jail sentence for having hundreds of child pornography pictures stored on his computer.

John McDonnell (26), of Grosvenor Square, Rathmines, had 268 images of children in various forms of sexual abuse.

German police informed gardai that McDonnell's internet address had been used to access child porn sites.

McDonnell, who pleaded guilty, was registered as a sex offender by Judge Tony Hunt who said that McDonnell's crime, which he described as "repulsive and repellent", was not victimless.

"Young children, often not from this part of the world but from areas of poverty and without parental supervision and who are therefore vulnerable to exploitation, are the very real victims in this offence," the judge said.

Judge Hunt said McDonnell had undertaken to allow gardai to check his home and computer during his three-year good behaviour bond.