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'Peddler of death'caught red-handed with heroin

A FATHER-of-two with a drug problem who turned to dealing was one of the "people who peddle death" around Dublin every day, a judge said.

Brian McGrath (33) was "caught red-handed" in a drugs transaction with more than €2,100 worth of heroin and cocaine.

McGrath, of Rossmore, Roscrea, Co Tipperary, pleaded guilty at Blanchardstown District Court to possession of both drugs with intent to sell or supply.

He was caught at Neilstown Road, Clondalkin and brought to Ronanstown Garda Station on April 16, 2014.

Sgt Mary Doherty told the court gardai saw McGrath involved in a drugs transaction with another man and both were arrested.

The accused had €2,000 worth of heroin and €158 worth of cocaine on him when he was searched.

He had no previous drugs convictions. McGrath made full admissions and was co-operative with gardai, his lawyer said.

He had a long-standing addiction and made several attempts to kick the habit including going to a treatment centre in 2013.

However, he had to leave that programme when his mother was diagnosed with cancer. She died and this sent him into a downward spiral.

"He was caught red-handed as it were, in the course of a transaction," Judge David McHugh said.

"That means he is part of the problem, not so much the end user, which it appears he is also. It appears he is one of the people who peddle death around the city every day."

Judge McHugh said there was "no doubt" that incarceration was "on the cards."

However, he decided to refer the accused's case to the drug treatment court "to see what they make of it."