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'Peacemaker' said he'd bust a garda's jaw

A FATHER-TO-BE who tried to act as a peacemaker and resolve a melee outside his house turned on gardai when they arrived and threatened to break an officer's jaw, a court heard.

Patrick Lyons (33) called gardai "f**king scumbags" and he grabbed a garda who was arresting another male, and tried to pull the man free.

He claimed he only left his house to see what was going on outside because he was concerned about his girlfriend, who was pregnant and in poor health at the time.

A judge fined him €300. Lyons, with an address at Belclare Drive, Ballymun, admitted at Blanchardstown District Court to threatening and abusive behaviour.

The incident took place at Woodhazel Terrace, Ballymun shortly before 11.30pm on November 6 last year.

Garda Declan Phelan said he was called to give assistance following reports of a public order incident in the Coultry area of Ballymun.

Garda Phelan said Lyons approached gardai, and was very aggressive, and tried to intervene in another arrest by grabbing a garda and trying to free the other male.

The garda said Lyons was directed to leave the area, but was verbally abusive and threatened to break his jaw.

The court heard that Lyons said all gardai were "f**king scumbags".

Defence solicitor Fiona Brennan said there was a melee near Lyons' house and he came out to see what was going on as he was concerned about his partner, who was pregnant and ill at the time.

Ms Brennan acknowledged that Lyons became part of the problem, rather than the solution.

Judge David McHugh said Lyons' resolution skills "weren't the best" and fined him €300.