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Party reveller had armed himself with knife

A REVELLER who had too much to drink has claimed he was assaulted after he ended up back at a house party with a group of people he didn't know.

Gareth Leech (33), of Stone Bridge Avenue, Clonsilla, was armed with a knife and fighting men armed with knives and baseball bats when gardai arrived at the scene.

He dropped the knife when he saw gardai but was later arrested and charged.

Leech, who was fined €200, admitted possession of a dangerous weapon when he appeared at Blanchardstown District Court.

The incident took place at Castlecurragh Road, Blanchardstown, on February 28.

Garda Sgt Damien Galligan said gardai received a call around 5am about a group of men with baseball bats and knives fighting outside a house.

He said gardai saw Leech holding a silver kitchen knife, which he dropped when he saw them.

Leech said he was at a house party, and was attacked in the kitchen. He claimed he picked up a kitchen knife as he was trying to escape, but they kept hitting him.

He told the court he had a good bit to drink and that he ended up at a party where he didn't know anyone.