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Party-goer arrested after trying to stop fight


Zack McDermott. Photo: Ray Cullen

Zack McDermott. Photo: Ray Cullen

Zack McDermott. Photo: Ray Cullen

A YOUNG man who trained for the ambulance and fire services was arrested at a public order disturbance that spilled out from a house party onto a Dublin street.

Zack McDermott (20) was arrested for refusing to leave the area when gardai tried to deal with a fight between 10 people.

Dublin District Court heard that McDermott had been trying to mediate between the two groups of people when the gardai arrived.

A judge said he would leave him without a conviction if he made a €200 charity donation. McDermott, of Newtown Drive, Ayrfield, pleaded guilty to failing to obey garda directions at nearby Slademore Avenue on March 3, 2013.

The prosecuting garda told the court that a 999 call was received at 6.15am stating that a group of 10 men and women were fighting at the scene.

When they got there, gardai saw members of the group pushing and shoving each other, and the accused was among those told to leave.

He refused to do so and was arrested and taken to Coolock Garda Station. McDermott had been at a 21st birthday party when a fight arose and spilled out onto the street, his solicitor Matthew de Courcy said.



When gardai arrived and asked him to leave, he "took umbrage" at this because he had been "trying to mediate between the two factions".

The court heard that McDermott had done an ambulance and fire rescue course for a year, but had to give that up to work.

He hoped to return to it and become employed in that field.

Judge Michael Walsh adjourned the case to June 5.