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Parking-rage dad smashed car with spade

A FATHER-of-four flew into a rage in a parking dispute with his neighbours and smashed their car window in with a spade, a court heard.

Alan Donnelly (42) "lost it" because his neighbours were parking outside his house and he was worried about his children when they were out playing.

He caused more than €1,800 of damage when he attacked their car in the incident.

Judge Hugh O'Donnell adjourned the case for payment of compensation and said the accused was at "grave risk of a sentence" if he did not do so.

Donnelly admitted criminal damage to the car outside his home at Ave Maria Road, Maryland, on June 26.

Garda Shane Noone told Dublin District Court he was called to the scene and the victims told him the man across the road had come out and smashed their car window in with a spade.


Donnelly told him he had been having "parking issues" and admitted causing the damage.

He had been given an opportunity to pay compensation but had failed to do so.

The court heard that Donnelly has five previous convictions for offences, including assault.

"So violence isn't a stranger to him," the judge said.

The assault conviction dated back to 2004, his lawyer pointed out.

He said two of the accused's children, his 11-year-old twins, were playing outside on the road, he said. The accused couldn't get in or out and he was worried about his children.

He had asked the people to stop parking there and "wasn't getting anywhere".

"He lost it on the day," his lawyer said.

The judge remanded him on continuing bail to appear on February 23.