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'Panda' lay dying on pile of bloody cash after gang hit


Michael 'Mica' Kelly - aka The Panda

Michael 'Mica' Kelly - aka The Panda

Michael 'Mica' Kelly - aka The Panda

GUNMEN fired at least 14 bullets at their victim before reversing a car over him as they made their getaway, an inquest has heard.

Criminal Michael Kelly (30), known as The Panda, was left lying in a pool of blood with a fatal head injury after his assailants opened fire with an "AK-47-style assault rifle" and a revolver in the middle of the day at Marsfield Avenue, Clongriffin, on September 15, 2011.

Gardai had warned Kelly, of Swan's Nest Road, Kilbarrack, that his life was under threat the previous May.

Dublin Coroner's Court heard that he was visiting his girlfriend on the day of the shooting and was dropped off outside her apartment block at around 1.05pm.

Witnesses told gardai that a silver car came out of a parking space, and when Kelly saw it speeding towards him he started to run.

A man in the back of the car starting firing shots using a rifle, striking Kelly who then turned and stumbled.

The gunman continued firing as Kelly fell.

A man wearing a black hoodie was then seen standing over the body and shooting Kelly again while he was on the ground.

This man then got into the passenger side of the car and the driver reversed it over Kelly's body.

He was still conscious shortly after the shooting and was calling her name.

When Gda Martin Fahey arrived at the scene a short time later, Kelly had died.

He was lying face down over a large amount of cash with "a lot of blood" coming from his side, he said.

The getaway car was recovered intact about 10 minutes' drive from the scene with the firearms used in the attack in the boot.

Ballistics examiner Det Sgt John Higgins said that casings of 12 rounds fired from an AK47-style assault rifle were found at the scene of the shooting, as well as two bullets from a revolver.

The post-mortem was carried out by State pathologist Prof Marie Cassidy, who found that Kelly had suffered a fatal gunshot wound to the head.


There were a further five bullet wounds causing internal injuries.

Det Insp Tony Howard told the court that it was a targeted shooting.

Nobody has ever been charged with the murder and the file remains open, said Mr Howard.