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Pal hid €39k coke stash in wardrobe

A young Dublin woman has been given a three-year suspended sentence and 240 hours of community service for possessing €39,000 of cocaine.

Claire Nolan (23) and her co-accused Kim Doherty (22), pleaded guilty to possessing 557 grammes of cocaine worth €39,025 in a wardrobe at Parlickstown Avenue, Mulhuddert, on January 25, 2008.

Doherty, of Pinebrook View, Huntstown, Blanchardstown, was given a two-year suspended sentence and a community service order last March.

Nolan, of Sheephill Green, Blanchardstown, initially claimed Doherty had sole involvement in the offence but later admitted she had given her the cocaine to hold as she was reluctant to store drugs in her own house where her sibling's children lived.

Garda Desmond Morgan told Gareth Baker, prosecuting, that colleagues searched the Mulhuddert premises on foot of confidential information about suspicious activity at that address.

He said gardai found the drugs in Doherty's bedroom wardrobe in a bag containing four wrapped packages.

Doherty said in interview that Nolan had asked her to hold the drugs two weeks prior to their discovery and had been advised to flush them down the toilet if she were caught.

She said she received a €100 bag of cocaine, or a "oner", from Nolan to say "nice one" for holding the cocaine.

Judge Desmond Hogan said that Nolan deserved the benefit of her co-operation with the Probation Service and suspended the sentence with strict conditions.