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Owner is told to control her barking dogs

A DOG owner has been warned to control her dogs' constant and excessive barking over a two month period, otherwise a judge will order that the dogs be removed from her ownership.

Lorraine Sherry, of Thomastown, Loughshinny, north Co Dublin, took a case to Balbriggan District Court against her neighbour Gail Corr over the constant barking of her two dogs, a boxer and a Labrador collie cross.

Ms Sherry told Judge Dermot Dempsey that the two dogs are kept in a small pen beside Ms Corr's house and that they "bark at everything".

She claimed the dogs barked repeatedly until 5am on February 15 and on March 15, and Ms Corr had "made no effort to stop them".

She said she sent a registered letter to Ms Corr complaining of the excessive barking, and after she received no response she took the matter to court.

"The dogs are let out regularly to urinate and bark at anything," said Ms Sherry.

"The noise of the barking comes through my daughter's bedroom and my kitchen, and if someone knocks on my door her dogs bark."


Contesting the case, Ms Corr claimed she only became aware that Ms Sherry had an issue over the dogs when she saw her recording the dogs over her garden wall.

"My dogs are kept in all night. They are indoor dogs and are brought out regularly for walks," she said.

"I spoke to my other neighbours and none of them have any issues with the dogs," she added, to which Judge Dempsey replied: "If your neighbours want to give evidence, they should come into court."

Ms Corr admitted her dogs do bark, but disputed her neighbour's claim of barking until 5am.

Judge Dempsey suggested that Ms Corr get a collar for the dogs to stop the barking.

"The ultimate sanction is that the dogs will be removed and sent to the dog warden," he warned.

Judge Dempsey adjourned the case until May 15 and warned Ms Corr that "there had better be steps taken with the collars to stop your dogs barking – otherwise, I will deal with it".